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Seminar in the beautiful weather :D

  Hello everyone^^, This does not happen that often, a very rare occasion I must say, to have seminar outdoors because of the beautiful weather. Though I must confess that I partly wished to remain indoors because I am not fond of the sunlight or the hot weather. I was very lucky to get a chance to sit in the … Läs mer

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Visiting Lecture by MQ

Good evening, I bet you all are interested to read about MQ ^^ As I mentioned in my previous post, so far, MQ has been my favorite visiting lecture. The reason is very obvious. It is about fashion and retail, one of my main interests hehe. Though this lecture was not only about the two aforementioned terms but also about … Läs mer

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Three deadlines in one week – Do you ever have a crazy week like that?

Hello everyone, It seems that I have lost the count of how many days that have passed since the last time I wrote. And I am surprised that I managed to keep up with three deadlines which I had yesterday. I had to revise my qualitative report for the method course, write a reflection about a guest lecture and a … Läs mer

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A creative week

Hello 🙂 More than a week has passed since the study visit at Nowaste, and this week has been full of creative activities. First, on Tueseday, we had an interesting start with a literature seminar in the retail class where we dived into a couple of articles. We had to read two articles each in advance and then find the … Läs mer

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Study visit to Nowaste Logistics AB

Hello :), Before I go ahead and tell about the most interesting and inspiring field trip I made today, I would like to present myself and tell who I am since I am new to the blog of service management. My name is Nuur, pronounced as Noor of course :P. I am a Swedish master student in service management with … Läs mer

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Graduation ceremony

Hej-hej! Next week will be a graduation ceremony for the Masters in Service Management. Though, this week we need to present our Master’s Thesises and defend our positions! Thus, let’s breath deeply and go forward!   Wish Luck to Everyone! Mvh, Anna

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New Perspectives

Hej-hej! What I think is important either in work or studies: it is always be open for new perspectives and see the big picture ;). Healthy critique is good, as you need to be objective, though do not be lost in details too much.   Great ideas often come when you free your mind.   Sometimes you need to change … Läs mer

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Sport is a must :)

Hej-hej, Do you agree that there is always a place for sport?! This way or another…, even during the work on Master Thesis :))). Though, I will probably need to work this out next week… )     Wish everyone a great week-end! Mvh, Ana      

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So, what’s next? Where to go after the Master’s Programme?

Hej-hej, It is always a challenge to find your vacation and to decide what would you like to do for the rest of your life, isn’t it? Thus, deciding on the education and the program to choose is never an easy task. In terms of the Master’s Programme in Service Management Tourism, you could choose a lot of possibilities after … Läs mer

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Inspiration & sun

Hej-Hej!   If you need a bit more sun now: Italy is always a good idea, as you can enjoy the weather, great people and get inspired by multiple masterpieces. Florence was a choice of mine, as my Master thesis research lead me to this magnificent city!  “Seek and you will find” , hope this phrase sounds familiar .) Florence is … Läs mer

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