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Study visit to Nowaste Logistics AB

Hello :),

Before I go ahead and tell about the most interesting and inspiring field trip I made today, I would like to present myself and tell who I am since I am new to the blog of service management. My name is Nuur, pronounced as Noor of course :P. I am a Swedish master student in service management with retail as specialization and from now on I am going to write and share about my studies and anything fun that is happening at the master program of service management at Campus Helsingborg.

Last week, I just finished my favorite class, Methods in Social Sciences, by handing in a group work exactly one minute before deadline (laughs nervously). And this week, I have enrolled in two new classes: 1) Retail Marketing: A Socio-Cultural Perspective and 2) Service Logistics in Retail. I like the fact about taking a retail class with a bit of supply chain, because the latter subject gives a very interesting and useful insight in the retail field. 

Today I made a study visit at Nowaste Logistics AB. I met some of my classmates at Knutpunkten and together we took the bus to the location of the company. (I realized during the trip that I could have taken the same bus from where I live, I just needed to walk a bit more. Instead I decided to take the bus to the central station and then another bus from the central station to the location of the company….I feel very smart xD)

At Nowaste Logistics AB we had some nice ”Fika” (which is the Swedish word for having coffee), and a very interesting presentation about the company. Apparently I forget to snap a picture of the ”Fika”, though I will try visualize it with words: Coffee, tea, water and seasonal fruits. As I just mentioned, the presentation was very interesting. We were told about the history, present and the future of Nowaste, and also Nowaste in numbers, such as the number of employees, turnover, the size of their warehouse, etc. What actually made it very interesting to listen to these facts about the company, were the speakers themselves. They were great speakers and gave us a super awesome and inspiring presentation about Nowaste. 

After the presentation we went on a tour in the warehouse. It was very cold in the warehouse, it felt like minus degrees, though despite the chilly atmosphere it was interesting to see how everyone and everything worked, the employees, the machines, the robots. 

Lastly, we also paid a visit to one of the offices, in which Nowaste have communication with their employees in and an overview on the warehouse. 

After this interesting and inspiring field trip, I have got a better understanding of supply chain and of the project work which I am going to do for the class service logistics in retail.

Have a nice week 🙂



28 mars, 2018

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    Why users still make use of to read news papers when in this technological world all is existing on net?

  2. nuurkasem

    Good question. Why do we still have physical books while almost everything exist on net? Some enjoy the touch and feeling of physical paper rather than using the latest technology. I think it is good that not everything is digitalized. And sometimes, we also need to stay away from the computer screen because it won’t be optimal for our eyes it we spend t hours many hours in front of a computer.


    This will tell you that ebooks are everywhere today.

  4. nuurkasem

    However there are still libraries with physical books and I believe that as much there are those who prefer digital books, there also those who prefer physical books. I also believe that many prefer to borrow books rather than purchase books for some reasons and it is easier to borrow physical books than e-books because not all the physical books are available to be borrowed online. E-books might be everywhere, but not all the physical books are available as e-books. I have experienced this during my search for books I need to read online when there are no available physical copies to borrow from the library 🙂

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