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Ansökning HT 2018

Nu är det nära sista ansökningsdag, 16 april 24.00! Kandidatprogrammen i Service Management erbjuder en bred utbildning där du har möjlighet att gå många vägar efter examen oavsett vilken av inriktningarna du väljer. På följande länkar kan ni läsa mer om de olika kandidatutbildningarna på Lunds Universitets hemsida: EDM Equality and Diversity management riktar sig till dig som vill arbeta … Läs mer

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So, what’s next? Where to go after the Master’s Programme?

Hej-hej, It is always a challenge to find your vacation and to decide what would you like to do for the rest of your life, isn’t it? Thus, deciding on the education and the program to choose is never an easy task. In terms of the Master’s Programme in Service Management Tourism, you could choose a lot of possibilities after … Läs mer

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Snow hunt: Åre

Hej-hej! Did you have enough snow this winter? Nope?!  Do you want some more before the spring season 😉  Then you can catch some in Åre, Sweden, Jämtland County.  As it  is one of the leading Scandinavian ski resorts & a great place to re-energize!   For me it was a love at first sight :)) and I defnitly recomend it for … Läs mer

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Fika time!

Hej! Fika “season” has come 🙂 Even though the light days are getting shorter: Be stong, Stay awake & Energised! If you happen to be in Lund & will need a shelter on a chilly day: I highly recomend cafe “Inkognito”, Lilla Fiskaregatan 23, with plenty of tasty things and sandwiches & by all means Coffee! The place seems a … Läs mer

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Att studera eller inte studera?

Hej allihopa! 🙂 Agnes är mitt namn och jag läser andra terminen på kandidatprogrammet i logistic service management vid Lunds universitet, Campus Helsingborg. Nedan kan ni läsa om mina tips och tricks inför att börja studera vid universitetet. 15e Mars öppnar ansökan till universitet och högskolor på antagning.se och oavsett om det är en självklarhet för dig att du vill studera … Läs mer

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Back to School

So went summer and now it´s time to orientate into new academic year here in Helsingborg. If you ask anyone from Nordics how their summer was, the standard answer is “Short”. The thing is, summer in Nordic is kind of bitter sweet; So beautiful and kind of quick! For me the summer was also educating thanks to my gorgeous workplace Hotel Kämp. … Läs mer

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Why Am I Here?

Tjena! It´s saturday and I´m just chilling! Our method course came to an end yesterday and it is very likely that i may end up living a day without reading nothing but a newspaper + my fav blogs. I can´t help but wondering how fast the course went – time flies when you´re having fun!      Anyways, i was planning to … Läs mer

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ITB Berlin

Last week I spend three days in ITB Berlin, which can be characterized a “pretty big deal” for travel professionals around the globe (in case you feel like learning what ITB actually is, check this). My background lies in hospitality business, so no surprise I found myself mostly seated in hall 7, the venue dedicated to Hospitality, Future and else. One of the hot topic … Läs mer

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Believe you can and you’re halfway there.

Hello Everyone! My name is Khan Kasi, It’s a privilege to be part Campus Helsingborg at Lund University as a blogger for Service Management Logistics. Yes! I have a believe of achieving something greater with my Masters in Service Management Logistics at Lund University and that believe as proven to be right and even grown much stronger then ever because, I believe … Läs mer

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Så “lurar” hotellbokningssajten booking.com dig!

I våras skrev jag ett inlägg om priserna på olika hotellbokningssajter. I inlägget konstaterade jag att det ibland är billigare att boka sin hotellnatt direkt via hotellets egen hemsida istället för att boka via en bokningssajt som booking.com och hotels.com. Nu har nästa ”skandal” publicerats. Dagens Nyheter skrev den tionde november i en artikel att hotellbokningssajten booking.com lurar sina kunder. … Läs mer

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