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So, what’s next? Where to go after the Master’s Programme?


It is always a challenge to find your vacation and to decide what would you like to do for the rest of your life, isn’t it?

Thus, deciding on the education and the program to choose is never an easy task. In terms of the Master’s Programme in Service Management Tourism, you could choose a lot of possibilities after completing the problem depending on your interests and preferred life style.

To start with, there is a possibility to work for the tourist offices. Tourist offices or DMOs  that promote the destination, though very often their tasks lay more within the sphere of PR & Marketing, nowadays with mostly focus on the online channels. Though, as I have seen recently tourist offices also start to work more with Experiences that is sphere that is covered in our program.

Secondly, Service Management also embeds the Hospitality, hotel industry, airline field, you can be able to optimise the processes, create engaging experiences or consult, though you need to have quite a knowledge of the sphere and industry in order to offer tailored and really valuable solutions.

Thirdly, during the course we also enhance our knowledge in event organisation, so you can also choose this direction: e.g. conferences or  or organisation of team-building events, parties. If you  are structured, like to plan, have an eye for details and by all means flexible and multitasking. This will give you a great possibility to meet new people and never be bored 🙂

In terms of travel agencies or tour operators: it can either be sales a. Leisure ones/vacations or b.B2B sales/ Corporate clients or you can also choose to work on organisation of different local and international exhibitions or guided tours, that can include managing the whole process from booking the tickets, transfer, entertainment program or any additional services.

And of course if you are interested in Sustainability this is sphere which importance increase quickly nowadays. Either in destination or urban development, airline or hotel business.

At the end, throughout the year you can find many companies advertising their trainee or internship programs, if its hard to decide at once what direction to choose you can try to have a look from inside in order to have a more complete understanding of the industry and get the big picture.

It’s always good to make a Research of the industry you are interested in first!

Mvh, Ana

30 april, 2017