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Seminar in the beautiful weather :D


Hello everyone^^,

This does not happen that often, a very rare occasion I must say, to have seminar outdoors because of the beautiful weather. Though I must confess that I partly wished to remain indoors because I am not fond of the sunlight or the hot weather. I was very lucky to get a chance to sit in the shadow and enjoy the cool breeze of air while we presented the articles which we had to read for the seminar. Surprisingly the weather has changed so quickly during the first ten days of May. I still remember how cold and rainy it was, which is obviously my favorite weather, during both Valborg and first day of May, and now it is super hot that I eat a lot of ice cream and drink loads of iced water. I am probably not being healthy *laughs*.

Anyway, the seminar outdoors went very smoothly. I almost worried for bugs, especially bees and loud sounds that might block out my voice or the voices of my classmates while presenting outdoors, though surprisingly none of these things bothered me and my class at all. Perhaps the bees won’t start to bother you until next month xD *laughs*.

Before the presentation, we had to read some articles and prepare to present them. We were divided in pairs and each pair got one article each to work with before the presentation. During the presentation each of us had to present the article we read. Because I am not fond of doing presentation, I chose  to wait till the end and be the last person to conduct my presentation, hehe. Perhaps I should be the first person next time, because waiting until it was my turn to present, seemed to take so long time.

Cheers 🙂

10 maj, 2018

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