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Hello Summer

Well, it is not a goodbye yet, I have a last hand in on Friday before I can enjoy the summer and one more year to go after that 🙂

As for today, I had my last presentation in the retail logistic course. I obviously forget to take pictures (typically) and I had on my mind that I should take a nice picture of my powerpoint presentation, but I forget. Anyway here is something which hopefully works as replacement for the picture. 🙂

(If you click on the first picture, you will be able to open it in its original form and even zoom it up.^^)

I can say that I learned a lot by working with my own project in the retail logistic subject and then presenting it. I remember that when I first started the course in retail logistics I had no clue what it was going to be about and logistics seemed to be a foreign subject for me. Today when I presented my project and no one criticized my ideas, I felt like ”wow I have managed to understand this subject and implement it in my project work.” Of course it is good to get constructive criticism on your work, however I was I rather happy that I did not get any suggestion to change something in the project work, because I need hand it in very soon hehe.

Regarding the hand in for the Friday, I am writing an interesting research paper in the retail course. In this paper, I conducted a netnographic study about consumer interaction with Asos on Instagram.

After having doing so many interviews on my bachelor, five interviews for the second year thesis and fourteen interviews for the bachelor thesis, conducting netnography feels like a refreshment :P. I have never done a netnographic study before, thus I decided to do something new to gain new experience within the research field. When I conducted it for this very first time, I found it to be (besides time consuming) fun to work with that I really enjoyed to write my research paper. 🙂

(By the way! I also enjoyed to write my project work for the retail logistic course that I considered for a moment to do it for my master thesis next year, though I am not sure yet, but I will see. 🙂 )

I will try to upload my both papers somewhere and link them here after the summer when I am back. 🙂

Have a blast, and see you after the summer!

Cheers 😎


28 maj, 2018

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