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Three deadlines in one week – Do you ever have a crazy week like that?

Hello everyone,

It seems that I have lost the count of how many days that have passed since the last time I wrote. And I am surprised that I managed to keep up with three deadlines which I had yesterday. I had to revise my qualitative report for the method course, write a reflection about a guest lecture and a draft for my research project. Today I discovered that I did not write enough for my research project but only half of it. So I am behind with my assignments (laughs nervously). I took a look at my calendar now and wondered what happened the previous weeks and asked myself why I did not start earlier. Then I reminded myself that I have been following my schedule precisely, trying to keep up with everything.  Thus, I believe that if I follow my schedule everything will be fine 🙂

Anyway, besides keeping up with three deadlines in one week, I had a couple of interesting  and inspiring guest lectures which I’d like to tell about. We got visits by two companies, MQ and Easycom, and also by a phd student and a professor. All of these four guest lectures were interesting and inspiring, though I must confess that MQ was my favorite one. Perhaps because I have interest in fashion and retail?

I’ll write more about MQ tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Good night 🙂

28 april, 2018

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