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Summer holidays

Good evening!

The summer holidays has come to its end and new classes are just around the corner! I wish I could extend my summer holidays a little more. I feel like I need one more week or two :D. I am not really lazy, because I have been working the entire summer. However, I just feel that I am not ready to get back to studying. I am obviously never ready after the holidays, so this is not an exception.

My work have been so challenging and fun at the same time! I got the privilege to work with telemarketing in the heart of Helsingborg. In one day, I might do over hundred of calls. Not everyone answer the phone. I get different kind of customers and I always have to keep a smile on my face and be super sweet no matter if the customer is being rude, angry or nice. I can spend like thirty minutes or even more in a call with a customer. Other times I only spend out a couple of minutes with a customer. I prefer and enjoy those long calls where I persuade the customer to accept and say yes or until my boss intervenes and tells me to give up because he knows that the certain customer is way to hard to persuade xD. The fun is that I can use my knowledge in service management in how to treat the customers which I think might be the reason to why I never get offended by the customers who are not that nice. Other challenging things with my job is when I get customers who do not know Swedish that well and I have to either speak English or Arabic with them. The latter one is hardest and the most challenging, because it is not my first language though I always do my best. I had one customer who spotted me as a foreign immediately and asked me: ”I can hear that you speak Iraqi, but your Arabic is gawky, where are you from?”  *Laughs* It is always fun at work xD.

Anyway, now I got three more days to enjoy of my holidays before I have to get back to school. I already know that I am going to have like four examinations during the two coming months. I am trying to look at it from the bright side xD.


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31 augusti, 2018