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Visiting Lecture by MQ

Good evening,

I bet you all are interested to read about MQ ^^

As I mentioned in my previous post, so far, MQ has been my favorite visiting lecture. The reason is very obvious. It is about fashion and retail, one of my main interests hehe. Though this lecture was not only about the two aforementioned terms but also about the supply chain and logistics part of the company. Being given an insight of the logistic point of view in a fashion company has broaden up my mind. When I compare the different study programs I have taken so far I see how they complement each other: from practical fashion studies to more theoretical service management and now with a bit of retail logistics.

Besides, the visiting lecture by MQ has also given me another perspective of the company in comparison with the perspective I got when I interviewed one of their shop managers for my bachelor thesis. I only had an idea of how the logistic part of a company worked. I only had a simple picture of a warehouse and the point of view from one of my friends who is not interested in logistics. Though now it has become more clear thanks to the visiting lecture which has also made the subject about logistics much more interesting than I expected it to be. It is a very useful part of the fashion and retail industry and I believe that it should not be neglected if one plan to make a carrier in business. And even if the theoretical terms and concepts in logistics and supply chain seem a bit difficult, the visiting lecture was so inspiring and interesting that I immediately got an idea about what to write about as a mini thesis for my current class. I was almost panicking in the beginning of the course, wondering what on earth I should write about it and what kind of problem I should find for my mini thesis. (I call it for mini thesis  because it is a light thesis :D,  it is smaller than a B thesis. I am not sure if it is also called B thesis in English. A B thesis is something I wrote in my second year of the bachelor, and it is smaller than a bachelor thesis. A light thesis is smaller than the B thesis. xD).  Anyway, now when I got an idea about what to write about, I can not wait till I start, I should do that very soon. Now I am browsing through MQ’s website, looking at their fancy clothes. You may wonder if I am interest in shopping something. My answer to your question is: Yes and No.

Lol, to be more serious; I have interest in shopping, I mean who are not interested in shopping? xD. Though I have decided that I won’t buy anything. We who currently are taking this retail logistics course at the master program, have actually been offered to do test shopping at MQ! 😀 And then those of us who do the test shopping are then part of a raffle for a chance to win one product from MQ! Now you know why I am browsing MQ’s website hehe…but oh it is so hard to make a decision, I mean what shall I choose?


29 april, 2018