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Why Am I Here?


It´s saturday and I´m just chilling! Our method course came to an end yesterday and it is very likely that i may end up living a day without reading nothing but a newspaper + my fav blogs. I can´t help but wondering how fast the course went – time flies when you´re having fun!

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Anyways, i was planning to introduce myself by telling a story of why i´m here. The thing is, it´s been FAQ during my time here in Helsingborg.

After finishing my Bachelor´s i got an awesome chance to explore the world as a tour rep and of course i took it! The job took me to Madeira (and later to Thailand), where i found out that ”Nature is my medicine” (by falling in love with hiking). When doing excursions i discovered a passion to learn about different places, people and their lifestyles. Guiding was simply fantastic; i truly enjoyed sharing the sensations of traveling as well as feeling, touching and tasting new cultures and landscapes. 

While after returning back home a new exciting challenge came to my way. I started an traineeship in hospitality company employing over 300 people and generating about 45 million euro turnover per annum. Getting a chance to watch how managing business and leading people happens in daily basis was an experience i can´t put price tag on; every single day was both educating and eye opening. No wonder during the traineeship i figured a desire to develop my analytic thinking. Then, just when i was planning where to do it, i got a special tip from a special person.



So, here i am with my furry friend Nuppu. Nuppu likes her park and i feel the same way towards my studies, so all good i would say!






xoxo, Enni