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The time has come, take your chance now while you have the opportunity! :)

Good evening all,

Are you a bachelor student looking for upgrading opportunities after you graduate in June 2019?

Or do you already have a bachelor degree and cannot find a job or just feel you would like to study something?

Do not apply for another bachelor program again, because you already have one or are going to graduate in one soon, so apply for master program while you have the chance now! So what are your interests? Do you have a bachelor background anywhere in the fields of management, business, economics or finance? Do you want to widen your perspectives in management? Then a master program in Service Management is definitely something for you!

The perks with taking a two year master in Service Management:

  • You will have lots of fun, because you will be studying with students with different bachelor backgrounds from all across the world. 
  • If you are ambitious enough you will learn new languages along, since  you will be in a multicultural class. If not Chinese or French or Swedish, you will get better in English if it is not your first language, because the entire program is taught in English. If you take me as an example, I already knew English and I was professional with writing and reading long before, but at the start of the master program I was stammering when I tried to speak. Today I do not stammer in English anymore thanks to these two years of  the master program. 
  • You will have the privilege to study at the campus that is located in Helsingborg. This campus belongs to Lund university and Helsingborg itself is a multicultural town, a very charming place. You will also be very close to Lund and Denmark.
  • The program in Service Management is very unique. 1) It has an interdisciplinary approach with a wide perspective.  2) You will get educated in advanced level of management with a strong link to research. 3) The teachers are researchers in the department and thus there will always be new academic articles from time to time. 4) And you will only find this program at Campus Helsingborg, Lund university. 
  • You will get a deeper and valuable knowledge in management. There are many interesting courses which you will enjoy to the fullest. Every course is rich of content that you will never be bored.
  • The examinations are not that hard, because you will not have to big examinations at the end of each course. You will have smaller examinations throughout the course. It will be mostly open-book home exams, group works and presentations, seminars & workshops in class, papers to write and you will always have access to the literature for these kinds of examinations. 
  • You hardly need to buy any books. Most of the course literatures consist of academical articles which can be accessed for free through Lund university. If there are any books, they are available as e-books through Lund university as well. And loads of books are available at the library which is located at Campus Helsingborg. 
  • Why a two year and not a one year master? Here are 3 reasons: 1) If you are planning to continue with a phd, then you definitely need a two year master, since many universities will require that. Even if you do not plan for a phd immediately after the master program, you might change your mind later, so it is always better to have a degree in a two year master than one year. 2) Whatever your plans are after the master program, it will be less stressful when you are planning for your master thesis. 3) You will also gain much more knowledge from a two year master program than an one year. Those with one year master degree, always return to the university to take a two year master degree (I know this because I know some students who have done so). So be kind to yourself and make it to two years and not three :).  
  • Organizations such as Agora and Stampus, organized and run by the students themselves, will be here for you to add some extra fun for your two years at Campus Helsingborg. There will be parties, networking events, other kind of events in Helsingborg. You will never miss an opportunity. 
  • Special events will be held at Campus Helsingborg, such as an entire day, for example Agora-Dagen hosted by Agora, where companies arrive to the university and you will have the chance for networking and job opportunities within the field of Service Management. And do not worry if you feel less good with networking, you will get a lot of free pens and candies on such days xD. 
  • And last but not least; We are living in a world that is evolving, which means that more and more companies will look for candidates with master degrees in near future. 

You can read more about the program in Service Management here and how to apply to it:

Best of the luck applying to the master program in Service management. If you get in a queue, do not worry. I was also in queue, on the 5th place, and all of sudden I was provided a place in the program. 😀

Cheers =^.^=

25 november, 2018