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Open House at Lund University Campus Helsingborg

Good evening, 

Today was both fun and productive. Well it was fun until my fingers started to protest  😂We prepared the main staircase with two hundred balloons for the Open House tomorrow. A few balloons bursted out of the blue 😳😅. Well balloon accidents happens 😆, the first was when I was trying to tie a golden colored balloon after finished blowing it up. I hope the current balloons will remain safe and sound overnight for the Open House tomorrow. I am not going to be there tomorrow, however I hope there’ll be a lot of visitors tomorrow and that anyone who is visiting Campus will find an interesting education program to apply to 😊. We have various of diverse education programs, both on bachelor and master levels. And it is part of the Lund university, so you will get the chance to study at one of the top universities in Sweden if you apply and get enrolled! The applications open at 15th March and last day to apply for a bachelor education program is 15th April!

Cheers 😎

12 mars, 2019

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