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Trip to Kåseberga:


Well-deserved pause, finally 🙂

Travelling & seeing new places is the best way to relax, at least for me. And it can also be both a treat and a reward.  It has been a lot of  studying on ”Sustainability in Service Organisations” course lately plus seminar, project work (on CSR&Sustainability) and written exam (3-5h) that was submitted yeasterday, I decided to catch an opportunity of a 01 ”free” day, as our new course in ”Value creation and Innovation in tourism” starts tomorrow… and escape to Ales Stenar & Kåseberga.

These are Great places, where you can feel viking legends flying around you: in case of Ales Stenar mystery. And by all means you can try fresh and tasty seafood (there are several possibilities: take away, a cosy fish market, sea-f00d sandwiches, fish & chips or something more sophisticated: it’s up to you) or just fika at ”Cafe & Bistro” Kåseberga with a sea view, as in my case. Cafe has multiple pastries and feshly made bakery, bread as they do it on place (& they also offer lunch options).

If you happen to be there: Clear your head and try to come up with some stories of your own or maybe reflect on some management theories, who knows…

"Cafe&Bistro", Kåseberga
”Cafe&Bistro”, Kåseberga
Kåseberga harbour view

but you should always have an umbrella visiting Kåseberga, to be on the safe side and it’s better to take a bicycle with you or go by car with friends, it’ll be more convenient.

So, how to get there:

a. Just take a train from Helsingborg (takes 2h) or Lund (takes 1h) to Ystad (it’s also a very nice town with its own mystery stories & an interesting film museum for the fans of the Swedish detecitives

b. And then it’s about 20km to Kåseberga, (20min bus drive, though buses run mostly in the 1st half of the day, schedule, especially now is not convenient), you need to have plan B how to return to Ystad… Though with a car it’s totally Ok or if you cycle fast 🙂

с. When you arrive to Kåseberga: you can just follow the road and after a 5 min walk you’ll be in harbour + 3-5 min up and you reach the Ales Stenar (there are signs)

Here you can find out more:

There is still enough sun to explore Skåne a bit more. Wish Everyone a great week-end!

Mvh, Anna



27 oktober, 2016