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New Year, New Plans?

Happy new year for all the readers of this blog! I sincerely hope your year has started well.

I just arrived home from a gym full of people. The amount of folks seems to double there every January. Same applies to the campus, which is packed with students getting ready for their first exams of the year. After admiring people who kick-start their year with heavy weights and even heavier studying marathons, i dived outside into the fresh air and allowed my dog to lead us in a place where the landscape stands still and the world is not in constant move.


For me this January has been like the weather today. Calm, still and almost kinda boring, yet not in a negative sense. Everything´s been steady; I did´t end my year with a huge party, nor did anything ground breaking on January 1st. But i did enjoy the little things on the first day of the year, like making breakfast before anyone else is awake and doing an easy jog before stepping in to a hot sauna with the family. And just like the nature takes baby steps towards the Spring (you can´t really see it yet when looking out the window, but the days do get tiny bit longer all the time), i feel that this year will eventually take me somewhere, somehow.

So meanwhile i will make a cup of good tea, get myself covered in a blanket and open new Word document to type the very first words of my final paper. Like my mentor once said to me “Sometimes without thinking too much about it, you end up doing exactly the right things that will take you where you want to be”.





16 januari, 2016

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