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New course, new literature, new theme..

Good evening,

The past course ended so quickly that I did not realize it was finished when I handed in my last paper, which I enjoyed writing. I did not have time to read through every literature on the list, though I read most of it. Perhaps I will write something about sustainability in my master thesis, so I have a bunch of literature I can use when I now have saved my time for reading. They gave us a couple of ideas during the previous course about themes for the master thesis, however none of them caught my attention as the themes in the current course in retail. But yet I don’t know what to write about for the master thesis. I have only the idea that I want to do surveys and play around with SPSS program for my master thesis. Hopefully I get some ideas throughout this new course in retail.

A week has passed since my last home exam and it feels so far away now after the introduction of a new course in retail specialization. We are only a few students now, about 5-6 who are attending. It is fun when you are a lot more students in class, though on the other hand it is also cozy being so few. And besides, on the bright side, when you are being so few in class, there’s always enough of books in the library for everyone so you don’t need to fear that someone will queue on the books you have borrowed from the library. As I went to the library to borrow a couple of books listed in the literature list for the course, I ended up borrowing an extra book just because it seemed interesting to read:P

I hope I will have time to read everything <3

Goodnight ^^

11 november, 2018