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Money, money, money =)

Hi everyone!

I already meant to post this a week ago, but I was waiting for a photo proof, which I still did not get, but I promise to upload it as soon as I get it! [Update: I got it now, it’s further down]

As a part of my current course I am, together with my class mates, organizing a conference where we will present the results of our current consultancy projects to industry professionals and hopefully many other interested people. It’s really cool to try something like this out for real, and not just learn about it in theory. Our education is usually very theoretical, and I really want to work with something like conferences and events when I graduate, so it’s perfect to get started with already!

Conference logo

The conference is about innovation and value creation in tourism, and this is the logo (for now – it might still change). We are also setting up a website and getting in contact with the press in order to make this reeeeaaally big!

For the conference, I applied at Campus Vänner for some money, so that we could book some guest speakers as well as offer lunch and coffee breaks for the participants. And hurrrraaaaa, we got it =)

Last week’s Thursday, I then was at the scholarship distribution of Campus Vänner, where we mingled with both other students and the member companies. It was a really great evening, where we did not just get the money we need, but where we could also see that people are actually interested in this conference! Hopefully, it will be successful! I will keep you updated!

Proud scholarship girls: me and two class mates who got money for their Master theses.

 Oh by the way, they misspelled my name – what a shame 😉

02 december, 2012

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