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Master Thesis

Good evening,

Time have been running away so fast and soon I am going to start to write my master thesis. I am feeling both excited and nervous at the same time, since it is going to be such a big work to conduct on my own. A piece of work that is going to be much bigger than a bachelor thesis. At the same time as I feel happy about that I am going write everything myself, I also slightly wish I had a companion to write with, just like in the bachelor. I think the reason is mostly about that you will be able to share ideas with your friend while writing a thesis, because the process with collecting material and writing a paper is actually not that hard as one may think. I have done a smaller thesis project on my own which was around 15 to 20 pages and I had really fun doing it, so I am looking forward to write my master thesis. I got some ideas about what to write about and I really hope that my ideas will be accepted. I am going to hand in my master thesis template tonight because the deadline is tomorrow. But this is not all! The master thesis course does not start before sometime in January next year. Right now, I have a project work to conduct with a friend in the current retail course, and we need to hand in about 5 pages maximum on Wednesday. We have started and we know what to write about, but we have not written anything xD. I should feel stressed, but I feel so calm as if my instincts are telling me that I am going to manage it somehow.

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

And before I say goodnight, I would like to share this picture with you all who read this blog 🙂 When I look at it, it makes me think about going out in a field and collect empirical material for a research. Do you also think the same?

17 december, 2018