Master Thesis Process

Hello all, 

So the master thesis has officially started, since two months ago actually and Im in current process of still being clueless and writing. I chose one of my favorite topics in my favorite field and I thought it was going to be easy but it turned out harder than I thought. I had an SI meeting about methodology with the students on the bachelor program and it gave me a good repetition of the methods in social science and a more clear insight in what I am going to write about in my methodology chapter. I brought all my notes to the meeting and then I realized that the methodology on the bachelor level does not include all the concepts and theories as on the master level 😆

Right now I am going to have a lecture, starting in few minutes, I hope this lecture will be to some help to my thesis. About stress and student life, even if I feel I can handle stress, I have decided to listen to this lecture. Perhaps there’s something I have missed and I might catch up today..

And so I prepared myself and sat in the last row but I was forced to move to the front…just because we happened to be a few today 😅

Cheers ^^

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