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Lund University Scholarship Ceremony!

Time Flies!

Yesterday was the day of the Lund University Scholarship ceremony. Looking back at our photo from the ceremony a year ago I have so many memories passing by, it is great to see how much have been accomplished and how fulfilling a one year can be when you study in a multicultural and innovative environment.

Smile & Imagine the coming year :)
Smile & Imagine the coming year 🙂

        Lund University Scholarship Ceremony is an inspirational and calssy event where new Scholarship students are able to meet together with donors and University representatives, including Vice-Chancellor.  The Ceremony is being held in September every year in the main hall of the Lund University. It is the same hall where the Graduation ceremony will take place.


If you wish to share your thoughts and thank for the Scholarship and this great opportunity you will be given a chance at the ceremony to hold a speech in front of all the honorable guests. Plus that is a great way to exit your comfort zone :).  Last year I though that every attendant would have to make a speech and prepared accordingly, but it is always at will and since I was ready I had my five minutes of fame :). The formal part is followed by a friendly mingle where you have an excellent opportunity to network, share experience and make long term connections.

Starting a 2 year journey at a new place is always challenging, but I have always felt supported and comfortable from my first days at Lund. As a Scholarship holder you get a fixed accommodation offer and be able to settle down right on you arrival. Since finding a convenient place to stay can be a challenge this is a real relief. Plus International Connections did a great job last year organizing students company visits and joint gatherings. During the Christmas dinner last year I was able to meet the students from India studying genetics, sphere that I find really fascinating and was able to get an invaluable entry into this field of research very unexpetedly. Vice versa they found my program in Service Management tourism to be of real interest to them. Open communication helps a lot to boost each other and to look out of box.

Being a holder of the Lund University Scholarship is a big honor and I wish all the new students to make their best in the coming year and turn their aspirations into reality! 

And this year is really a special one as Lund University celebrates its 350 Anniversary of education and research.  350th Jubilee Scholarships are offered this year to over 100 different Master’s programmes in a variety of subjects at Lund University.

The competition is ongoing:

Tack for your cooments and questions if you have any!

Mvh, Anna