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Morgondagens ledare bloggar om studentlivet


Hello Everyone, it’s always so interesting to write about my current activities as a student at Campus Helsingborg – Lund University. So here, it is a glimpse, a short story of everything cool! There were four activities and each of them has brief details.

1. A Logistics Mingle at Campus Helsingborg

Logistics company representatives and old students from DHL, Everfresh, relog, Bring, Celite and other companies came here to campus to meet us (students) and talk to us about our thesis projects and possible opportunities. Mingle had a  short presentation by company representatives and off course we also had cheese/ham baguette with drink. However, most importantly since Helsingborg is the biggest port in Sweden in terms of importing fresh food, thereby logistics companies thats deals with this area of business  were also present at the event such as; Nowaste Logistics AB.

According to Nowaste Logistics,  ”We are a young company that wants to manage the sector for efficient logistics. We are technology-intensive and provide logistics services in several different industries. Our clients are the largest fruit & veg business, Everfresh, construction & DIY chain Bolist, food company Barilla and lingerie MQ. For these clients, manages Nowaste Logistics AB today a goods value of over 6 billion and with a workforce of approximately 400 employees”(

Nowaste Logistics
Nowaste Logistics

Well to conclude in short, It was a great event, since students had a good discussion with Nowaste and other logistic company representatives and we as students took the opportunity to introduce ourselves and present in brief our ideas, thoughts and therefore, as a student, i would say it was a great and golden opportunity to do some networking for future career prospects.

2. A Breakfast Event – GENTS and its focus on E-Commerce – Celite, Helsingborg

Company Information: Gents is the World’s Finest Online Store for Male Skincare, Shaving, Grooming and Body Products (

Celite, invited us students and members from business and public sector to listen to Jenny Rydhström from Gents, This year’s female shooting star- nominated for EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2014. The event started with a breakfast meeting and mingle and after that a presentation on Gents and its focus on E-Commerce was presented, also issues such as, what can technology and logistics bring to this sector (e-commerce) was discussed by audience. To conclude in short, as a student we got different perspectives to help has understand what are the opportunities  for growth in business sector, for example:  in e-commerce impacts logistics firms and their activities, equally as a result it provokes new thoughts and ideas in our minds as students in logistics, where we can possibly do further research in academia to enhance our knowledge.

manscaping for all

Celite, Helsingborg, sponsored this event.  About Celite,  is a association for Logistics and IT, wants to increase competitiveness through networking. Celite has members from both business, public sector and academy, through regular network meetings the aim is to strengthen regional  attractiveness and competitiveness while association members comes nearer one another.

3. A Marker’s Workshop (Learn Programming from Scratch – Introduction) Hosted by Lund Student Innovation Centre at Lund University.

As a student at Lund University, we are always invited to broaden our vision, skills, ideas and so on, and i never say no! to an opporunity because, I believe that everything is connected. So there i was and signed up for basic understanding of programming and the logics behind it. The workshop was a perfect oportunity to have an earlier programming experience and so it was, within in 10 to 15 minutes everyone of us starting programming small codes without any experience or knowledge as such, i was existed and so thrilled! i am so impressed of myself! :).  Also, there will be another event for the same basic programming and i am looking forward to it, however if anybody of you! whois interested in joining in, please don’t hesitate and just go for it. here is link Makers’ event: Learn programming from scratch – Challenge!!!

Student Innovation Center at Lund University (Black Pearl). Lund
Student Innovation Center at Lund University (Black Pearl). Lund

4. After Basic Programming Workshop, time to go back to Logistics

Well, on my way back from the learning programming at Student Innovation Centre at Lund University (Black Pearl), just a minute walk to the bus stop, i was handed over a bi-cycle auction leaflet, what a coincidence the cycle auction happens every so often. However the time was right and summer is near, also  a lot students that i witnessed bought cycle’s which are really good and not very expensive, there i was excited again, because it is such a nice experience and healthy activity for my own self as well as for the local environment. couldn’t be more happier then that, and bought a cycle.

 my cycle
my cycle
Helsingborg, Seaview
A short cycle trip to Helsingborg, Seaview

Thank you everyone for reading, I am sure that everyone of you are having the same experience’s while you are studying here, please do not hesitate to leave a comment and your thoughts, maybe something you would like to share and you are most welcome to do so.  Adjö för nu oh ha en travelog dag. hälsningar – Khan Kasi