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My name is Dea, I was born in Albania and I raised in Greece. I am currently studying Service Management with a specialization in Retail. In my Bachelors’, I studied Public Administration at Panteion University of Athens. From 2018, I live in Helsingborg, a lovely city by the sea and 18 min from Denmark! I had not been to Scandinavia before and I didn’t know much about it but now I cannot leave this place!  

Now, It’s your turn!     
Are you considering studying Service Management at a high-ranked university?

These are some of the reasons to do your masters’ in Service Management at Campus Helsingborg:

1. Different backgrounds

Would you like to talk and collaborate with students with different backgrounds? Then join us! In our program, we have a lot of group works, so you will have the opportunity to collaborate with people, who bring up new and different perspectives on the topics, you are working on and that’s great! Listening to different opinions and ideas, during the lectures and the seminars, inspires you for your individual works as well. In my class, I have course mates, who studied business administration, social sciences, political sciences, economics, finance etc. I really enjoy our group works! We come up with so many different perspectives that lead us to great ideas!

2. Different Perspective

Do you want to study Service Management from a different perspective? You already have a business-oriented degree but you would like to study the social science perspective of management! Then, here you are! What I love in my program is the different perspectives that I have never thought about, such as the role of consumer and sustainability in services etc., as I come from a management-oriented program. In the program, you will also see how so many topics and specializations (retail, supply chain, tourism, sustainability, arts) have a touch-point.    

3.  International Environment

Do you want to study Service Management and to be in a class with people from all over the world? Then, this program is for you! My class consists of people from the 5 continents of the world. I love that I can learn more about their countries, cultures, regulations and habits, during the classes. But I also learn about their food, dances etc. in our free time! That’s also a great motivation to travel to these countries!    

Would like to have an unforgettable experience and get a strong degree from a high-ranked university?

Apply by 15th of January and see you in Helsingborg!

29 november, 2019

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