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Good evening, 

With so many deadlines lined up before the holidays I decided to take one day earlier off and go on vacation for both inspiration and to get my mind off school stuff. It was really worth it and I felt I deserved to treat myself after all hard work I have done before I continue with the few things I need to do to graduate and finish school for good.

While being on vacation abroad, I mostly visited city centres, shopping malls and shopping streets and it was a perfect choice, with time and place, especially now when I am currently taking the class in retail and place development. I got the opportunity to explore a different place, such as Dubai, than just the city center and shopping places in Helsingborg and see the differences. 

Dubai would be an interesting topic for a bachelor or master thesis, to explore the retail place and its development. I am not sure if there’s anything written about this geographical place in this field, but there are so many places to explore in this city! And different places!

First we have the typical old town place with market hall and small shopping stores where you only can pay with cash if you go for shopping 🙂 


Then we have modern shopping malls and other kind of market places. There are endless of shopping malls ranging in sizes. All the places are always crowded, whether it is the old market town or a very modern shopping mall. I was lucky that I managed to get some pictures without including people 😆

(From left to right: Al Barsha, Dubai Mall, Burjuman)

Dragon Mart

Anyway, there were a lot of places and I feel like a lot of empirical material can be collected in any perspective in the retail or service management. I did not have the time to visit the entire city and I feel like I only saw 10 percent of Dubai, but still I saw a lot and I tried to view it from the current perspective of the things I have learned so far in the class of retail and place development. If you are looking for any topic ideas for something to write about retail, place or even tourism or any subject you have in mind, in the near future, I recommend you to visit Deira (see the first four pictures), the Waterfront market, Dragon Mart or any of the shopping malls in Dubai. Please click on the pictures to view them in original sizes.


ps. I am sorry that the pictures and the text looks a bit misplaced. The blog settings have been updated, and I am trying to adjust to the new settings 🙂

30 januari, 2019

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