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Good to have in every student’s CV: extracurricular activities!

Vote for me to be a FUM!

Being a student is of course not just all about reading books, taking exams or group works. One of the best things about studying is the great amount of extracurricular activities that one can engage in. In Helsingborg, there are quite a few things you could do: sing in the choir (Stämpus), act in the theatre group (Helsingborgsspexet), play sports, be on the radio or arrange parties and other fun activities (e.g. Stampus). You could also become a member of MiH, an organization focussing on networking between companies as well as students, and where students can get a mentor from the business world. I have for example been a member of Agora, a part of the Social Science Union which organizes such things as guest lectures, job fairs and the introduction weeks for new students.

Maybe this will be you?

Next week we will be having a job fair, called Agoradagen, with many companies maybe giving you your first job and great activities such as career coaching, taking a CV photo and even training for job interviews. I will be working there as information host but I am really looking forward to mingling with other szudents and business as well as maybe finding a job. Graduation is coming closer for me, and maybe for some of you, too, and this may be your opportunity to charm the socks off your (maybe) future employer. There will even be a great banquet during the evening, and maybe it will be you sitting between such companies as Scandic Hotels and IKEA?

And if this is not enough for you, there are plenty of things to get involved with in Lund, for example the student unions, nations, ESN or AIESEC. This year I have candidated both to be a member of the executive council (FUM) of the Social Sciences Union, as well as applied for a full time position with them. Here you can vote for me to be a FUM, and you can wish me good luck to get the full time position as well =) Being in the union or the executive council is a great chance to influence your study situation and maybe even some education politics.


And now it’s time for you to get involved!

01 mars, 2013