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Favorite books 🤓

Good morning,

What a rainy and windy morning. I half-slipped just at the entrance when I entered Campus right now and I thought my walking shoes had good resistance against slippery grounds. A good start on this morning. 😆

Well, time is flying away very fast and I am trying to make time for reading. I have a long list of literatures to read for my course and I finished the book Business Models for Sustainability by Peter E. Wells, which is my favorite book so far. I finished reading it in one day, since it was a thin book and easily read. If you ever have read Service Worlds: People, organizations, technologies by Bryson, John. Daniels, Peter & Warf, Barney, you will find the book by Wells far easier than you expect it. However the latter book is also very interesting to read and is also one of my favorite books.

Talking about books, make sure that you often visit the library at Campus. Sometimes they sort out very old books and replace them with new books. The old books that are sorted out are given out for free. I was lucky to find something I liked 😍 . It is not really part of the program I am enrolled in. I guess the book Fashionista by Martina Bonnier perhaps have been used on the Fashion Science bachelor program at Campus. The funny thing is that I applied for that program twice, once was about six and a half years ago and the second time four and a half years ago. The first time, I was put on a queue and the second time I got my place though I chose to decline it for the place I got in Service Management. It was not a difficult choice because I already had a diploma in fashion from a different program. Anyway, long story short, make sure to visit the library whenever you have time, because you never know when you find your favorite book sorted out and given out for free 😊


23 oktober, 2018