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Effective reading Strategies: how to boost comprehension & memory


Master Studies is a lot about reading and not just reading through, but effective reading focusing on the right things, though reading fast at the same time… Sounds challenging and there is always room for improvement, that why even since I am quiet good at this (due to much practice during the last 1,5 tears :))), I visited the Lund University Academic Support Seminar presentation on Effective reading techniques and want to share some very useful ideas.

So, how to boost comprehension & memory?

* First of all decide if you are a Passive or Active reader:

Passive ones:

  • Read just to get it done
  • Read word-by-word
  • Often forget information
  • Do not ask Qs
  • Do not make any connections to other texts

Active ones, though:

Take Responsibility Before, During & After Reading

1. Before: See the Big picture

  • To understand What type of text it is?
  • Who is the intended audience?
  • Scan the text for information & Key words
  • To understand What do you want to get from the text?
  • Look through the reading list to understand the field

2.  During:

  • Active readers vary their speed according INTENSIVE: detailed knowledge, precise information, to their purpose (Sternberg 1987) and the to learn the material deeply and be able to text genre (Bean 2011).
  • Look for signposts: e.g.  In particular, one view sees…
  • Take notes!

3. After:

  • By all means, Recall & Review


Repetition Curve


Let’s Study Smart .)



28 mars, 2017

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