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Do you have creative ideas? Try #Pixlapiren!

Hej! What is #Pixlapiren you wonder first of all?! 

It’s a part of the H+ project: “The largest urban renewal project in Helsingborg in modern times” as stated by  

Pixlapiren "concept"
Pixlapiren ”concept”


#PixlaPiren: An old port piren that is being transformed into a new cool place. The old harbor was divided into “squares” and now these ”areas” are offered to everyone interested to ”rent” a square for any kind of non-commercial social activity that could benefit the citizens and Public in general: 

When I found out about the H+ project this spring I really got inspired, in terms of Pixlapiren I believe that’s a great opportunity for self expression, co-working and value co-creation that has a potential to become a really attractive place for both citizens and visitors. People has got more access to the sea and are empowered to give an empty space a real meaning and transform it.

Create your place
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Do you have any idea at all where is it? I had no notion this spring either :), since the old port area is rather unknown and positioned quiet off the locals and tourists paths. But it is just a 5 min walk from Cmapus!

Let’s explore the Camus Helsingborg nearby area once again: now on the way from the Campus to the Knutpunkten – right after the pedestrian & cycling bridge you should see an orange construction: these are signs that are showing direction to Pixlapiren (can’t be that obvious from the 1st look :). So, just turn left and go to the sea side: there will be a cross walk and just follow the signs a bit more. Previously I aslo doubted if there is really something in that direction and Yes, now there is:). Check it up for yourself:



If you have thoughts of  something to test (eg.Sports, Art, Mastercalss, it’s only up to you) then Visionfonden offers a possibillity to apply and make your creative ideas shape the reality:

Try it! .)

Wish Everyone a fruitful week-end! 🙂 

Mvh, Anna

30 september, 2016

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