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Christmas market at Fredriksdal 🎄

Hej from a Jul market at Fredriksdal!

Fredriksdal is a great place to feel Christmas spirit, ran into people you know and buy hand made Swedish style presents for the whole family! 

It’s 5-6Dec from 11:00 to 18:00. Less people before 15:00 & more fun after 🙂

Plus so many tasty things to try: kakor & bullar are waiting 🙂

 Today I also remembered about Kulturen card & finally managed to but It: that’s only 250Sek for students & allow to visit: Fredriksdal, Kärnan, Dunkers & Sofiero all year round and have discounts for concerts and mobies. The card can be bought at the left from the Fredriksdal main entrance these days .)

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03 december, 2016

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