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We take play very seriously, indeed.

by Claudia

Good morning everyone, on this chilly Friday morning in the end of October (it’s 6.20am and 4°C)!

I am up early. It does not happen too often during the student life here, but it happens. There is a special reason today, or well two actually. One of them is that I am going home to Germany today as I am invited to a wedding of a girl that I know for about 18 years and I am really excited to be there! Environmentally conscious, I chose to take the train to Hannover, which will take about 12 hours over night. At least getting up this early will hopefully make me tired at 6pm already 😛

The second reason, however, will probably be fun, too, and gave title to this blog entry. Within our current course we are starting to work on consulting projects now, which are kind of research papers but in collaboration with one specific organisation, also aiming at giving them and other industry players advice for improvement. My group was interested in the innovation and creation of experiences in visitor attractions and we were lucky to get the Experimentarium in Copenhagen on board.

For those of you who have never heard about it, it is an interactive science scentre, currently having an exhibition about dinosaurs as well as one named “Water – A World of Adventure”. The most exctiting thing about the centre though is their interactive, hands-on approach and they explicitly state in their mission:

“At Experimentarium, we take play very seriously, indeed”.

I bet that even though it might be mostly for children, that we will have a lot of fun anyways! What a place to do a project on! Isn’t there a child somewhere within all of us? 😉

Now have a look yourself, and I bet you will be thrilled to visit them, too, someday:

Visit their website!

Copyright: 2012 Luxigon

Copyright: 2012 Experimentarium

Now try that yourself! :)

Today, I will take play very seriously!

You should, too – it’s Friday after all 🙂

26 oktober, 2012

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  1. Martyna

    Good luck with the project then;-) it seems to be an interesting place so i’m looking forward for the results;-) and again nice writing Claudi! Have fun on the wedding:-D
    and cu next week.

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