I´m working on my master thesis.

Though i´m studying a topic that truly fascinates me, (intermediated) sharing economy, right from the beginning i realised that working alone is a great challenge. For me the biggest obstacle to overcome is pulling together all the details. I guess i´m one of those people who don´t have difficulties seeing the bigger picture and envisioning the end product, but coming up with a plan about how to achieve the vision is sometimes a struggle. Luckily there are supporting systems like peer-support and tutoring sessions, so being completely isolated is just a thing inside my own head. And what´s great with a broad paper conducted by yourself, is that you learn to handle uncertainty and really master your work from the beginning until the end.


While some things in my life feels complex, some just now are particularly clear and bright (sounds like life, right?). Last week I found out what i´m gonna do after my studies! I look forward for the upcoming summer, which will on top of a graduation include a new home (on an island!), a new organisation and a (big) bunch of new colleagues. So, i did not only gain unforgettable experiences while living and learning in Sweden in terms of meeting some incredible people; In my case the time devoted for studies at Lund Uni has also been an excellent investment to the future.

Have a nice starting week!





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