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This is the beginning of the end! Or?

No, no, I am not going to kill myself or am deadly ill. I am just going to write a Master thesis in the upcoming months. Which means that now starts the beginning of the end, the end of my life as a student.

Tutankhamun's sarkophagusBefore I will be locked up in my room for the next months to work super-duper hard, I decided to have a few nice days before it’s getting serious this week. So on Friday, we made use of one of the great advantages that living/studying in Helsingborg or Lund has – big cities like Malmö and Copenhagen are really close (not to talk about the relatively cheaper alcohol prices in Denmark, just one ferry-ride away ;)). We visited the Tutankhamun exhibition in Malmö, which is only going to last a few more weeks. It was really interesting to learn more about his life, death and also the discovery of his tomb. And, oh my god, there was soooo much gold! I could not let it be to touch some of the things 😛 (there were several 1000 years old – so how can you resist?). I just hope the curse of the mummy won’t get to me 😛 But at least then I don’t have to write my thesis anymore 😀

With our studies coming to an end, it also means that some of my class mates are already leaving for their home countries, to write their theses over there. So we also had a farewell party for one of our friends who comes from Helsinki. (I am getting a bit too old for it though, cause the next day I spent entirely on the couch, with a mixture of craving for junk food and feeling sick). Parties are of course an essential part of student life, and I bet there won’t be as many anymore once we have graduated and hopefully found a job.

Me and my class mates

Apropos, this is another worry of mine – I am constantly checking job offers online without even knowing when exactly I might be done with my thesis. I guess that subconsciously I am trying to find a way out of this, because, even though I am a pretty good student, I really do not enjoy writing things like this. I even thought about that the end of the world in December according to the Mayas would not have been such a catastropy after all 😛

So if anyone has some good tips about how to overcome anxiety when it comes to important things in school – please share them! I am in desparate need! And if you have a free position at your company and can be my saviour who rescues me from writing a thesis – I will do anything! 😀


28 januari, 2013

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