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The early bird catches the worm!

Hi everyone!

Although it is not morning anymore, and although I did not catch anything good, I thought that this entry’s title might be relatable for many of you (and especially my class mates at the moment ;)).

We are currently working on writing up the research from our consultancy projects, because tonight, by midnight, we have to send it in for opposition. And I can tell you, I should actually be working right now 😛 We have a lot left to do, and I hope we’ll do good!

The last days were generally characterized by staying up late and getting up faaaar too early. But hopefully we’ll catch a good worm (or grade) then 🙂 Next time, I think we should bring some mattresses and camp on Campus 🙂

Our chaos!

I’ll get back to work now! Fun!


07 december, 2012

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  1. Vasco

    Good! I wish you good luck 🙂
    We have also been elaborating our project for several days! But now it’s getting there…

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