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The best thing about studying tourism? Travelling!

by Claudia

Clearly, best about studying tourism is going on trips, especially if they are paid by the university. Our second excursion within our course is coming up in a couple of days so I thought it’s about time to share some impressions from the first with you. A few weeks ago, me, my class mates and two of our teachers hit the road to explore some innovative tourist attractions in Southern Scania.

First up was the open-air museum and Viking village “Foteviken“, which took us back in time and regularly makes it possible for its visitors to live and feel like a real Viking. Now this is what I call an experience! Of course, it is debatable how authentic a place like this can really be, but it was nevertheless an exciting and unique place to visit.

The "main street" at Foteviken

I wonder if they also make meatballs in their kitchens 😛

Viking-style kitchen

Moving on in our little trip through time, we next visited “Ängavallen“, an ecological farm that diversified its business by adding a shop, café, restaurant, hotel as well as conference facilities and is very well known for its high-quality meat (you should try it if you ever get a chance!). The people were so passionate about their work and I believe we all got very hungry staying there. The lesson of the day definitely was “happy animal = tasty animal” 😉

They had the cutest baby animals there!

Their meat and concepts has won several prices and I found this little piggy statue that welcomes the guests to the restaurant.

After having our packed lunch (of course most of us could not afford the amazing meat in the restaurant), our bus took us to the middle of nowhere (or the middle of Scania ;)) to visit the very small and exclusive hotel “The Lodge“. Stepping out of the bus it felt a bit like as if you’re in Aspen for skiing, just that we were lucky and did not have snow yet. It’s a magnificent place and if you every have the money, go and stay in their suite!!

The suite’s bathroom is btw within the bedroom, so even while taking a shower you can enjoy the view into the valley.

The suites bathroom is right in the bedroom

The hotel’s general manager by the way also graduated from Service Management at Campus Helsingborg, so that motivates all of us to finish and work in a lovely place like this.

If you are here in Scania or planning to study here in the future (or simply visit), here you got three tips of what to see, where to eat and where to sleep in order to get a special and unique experience!

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions for future topics, please let me know!


12 oktober, 2012


  1. Fang Zhang

    Yeah, interesting page. I’m planning apply the tourism service management master degree in 2017. Your words attracting me more. Thanks for tips:-)

  2. hannah

    That’s brilliant. Please contact us if you have any questions. You can always ask our Master Coordinator anything you want to know about the Master programme. You can find here contact info here:

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