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Campus Helsingborg Conference: Tourism 2.0. Innovation and Expereince

Hej Everyone, The ones who has missed, though can be also interested in a small update .): Last week we:the second year MSc in Service Management Tourism hold a very interesting conference on Innovation & Expereince. We were able to present our Consultancy reports that we worked throughout the last course, with the following topics: Exchange Students: an underserved market … Läs mer

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Creative Sofiero 🏰

Hej! Probably everyone who lives in Helsingborg has been at least ones at Sofiero castle and its gardens!  Previously “one of the Swedish royl family summer mansions, located 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) north of Helsingborg”. On Friday within the Value creation & Innovation course in Service Management tourism we had a very interesting excursion, warm welcome with fika & interesting … Läs mer

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What is there to do in Helsingborg in November?

Hej, Time flies and November is already here, though it can be real fun if to know  right places & dates :), besides friends’ parties 🙂 Very Soon: on 3-6thNovember 17-21:00 it will be days of a beautiful Festival of Light at Sofiero And on 4thNovember 17- 22, there will be a Ljusfenomenet Mareld that will take place at … Läs mer

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Underbara Skåne!

Det kan jag och Kristina (som också bloggar) konstatera efter onsdagens cykeltur till Mölle. Vi trotsade allt vad uppsatsskrivning och nordvästliga vindar heter och begav oss norrut. Vi passerade Sofiero slott i Laröd, Vikens småbåtshamn,  Höganäs strandpromenad, Ittalas outlett, åkrar, hagar och knallgula rapsfällt innan vi nådde Mölle hamn stax innan solnedgång. Kullaberg  reste sig stolt framför oss och i … Läs mer

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