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Three deadlines in one week – Do you ever have a crazy week like that?

Hello everyone, It seems that I have lost the count of how many days that have passed since the last time I wrote. And I am surprised that I managed to keep up with three deadlines which I had yesterday. I had to revise my qualitative report for the method course, write a reflection about a guest lecture and a … Läs mer

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A creative week

Hello 🙂 More than a week has passed since the study visit at Nowaste, and this week has been full of creative activities. First, on Tueseday, we had an interesting start with a literature seminar in the retail class where we dived into a couple of articles. We had to read two articles each in advance and then find the … Läs mer

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Graduation ceremony

Hej-hej! Next week will be a graduation ceremony for the Masters in Service Management. Though, this week we need to present our Master’s Thesises and defend our positions! Thus, let’s breath deeply and go forward!   Wish Luck to Everyone! Mvh, Anna

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Do you wish for a memorable photo session?! 🌸

Hel-hej! Lund is getting more & more beautiful everyday now! If you wish for a memorable photo session in front of the Lund University: May is the right time for this, blossoming season is here .) Create some memories! Mvh, Ana  

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LU Global Christmas Dinner! 🎁

Hej, This Thursday I enjoyed a traditional Swedish Christmas dinner together with representatives of the Lund International Connections and other Scholarship recepients. It was organised in form of the Swedish buffe & in a very informal atmosphere: smart casual  for both Bachelors & Masters. And it was so lovely to hear the Christmas Lucia songs! It is great to bring students together and … Läs mer

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Snow is here!

Hej! Do you like snow? If yes, there is a chance to enjoy a snowy & sunny day both in Helsingborg & Lund! On the days like this I start thinking of Christmas holidays & multiple outdoor activities as skiing, snowboarding & skating in the great places like Åre. Though by far I need to focus and get back to studies … Läs mer

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Fika time!

Hej! Fika “season” has come 🙂 Even though the light days are getting shorter: Be stong, Stay awake & Energised! If you happen to be in Lund & will need a shelter on a chilly day: I highly recomend cafe “Inkognito”, Lilla Fiskaregatan 23, with plenty of tasty things and sandwiches & by all means Coffee! The place seems a … Läs mer

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Valborg! Getting up at 5.30 to celebrate spring =)

Tuesday morning. 5.30 am – my alarm is ringing. Not for an exam or job interview or similar. No! So is the alarm of circa 27.000 other students. Where other people go to bed after having gone out at night, we all got up to party and celebrate Valborg. Traditionally, the 30th of April – Walpurgis Eve, is celebrated as the end … Läs mer

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Välkomna till EDM-bloggen!

skrivet av Rebecca Hej på er! Nu har jag också gått med i Campus bloggteam som representant för min utbildning Equality and Diversity Management. Jag läser nu andra året vilket också innebär att jag ingår i den första antagna klassen och vi blir först ut att examineras från utbildningen våren 2014! Lite om mig själv: Jag heter Rebecca, är 22 … Läs mer

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LundaKarnevalen 2010

Hej alla läsare! Idag smäller det! Det är dags att lämna in magisteruppsatserna på Campus. Exakt klockan 12.00 ska uppsatserna vara uppdaterade, pdfade och låsta på Campus Helsingborgs Portal. På grund av detta har helgen har till mestadels spenderats inomhus framför datorn. Men i lördags kväll tog jag och en uppsatskollega dock en välförtjänt paus och åkte till Lund. I … Läs mer

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