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Summer holidays

Good evening! The summer holidays has come to its end and new classes are just around the corner! I wish I could extend my summer holidays a little more. I feel like I need one more week or two :D. I am not really lazy, because I have been working the entire summer. However, I just feel that I am … Läs mer

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Hello Summer

Well, it is not a goodbye yet, I have a last hand in on Friday before I can enjoy the summer and one more year to go after that 🙂 As for today, I had my last presentation in the retail logistic course. I obviously forget to take pictures (typically) and I had on my mind that I should take … Läs mer

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Seminar in the beautiful weather :D

  Hello everyone^^, This does not happen that often, a very rare occasion I must say, to have seminar outdoors because of the beautiful weather. Though I must confess that I partly wished to remain indoors because I am not fond of the sunlight or the hot weather. I was very lucky to get a chance to sit in the … Läs mer

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Three deadlines in one week – Do you ever have a crazy week like that?

Hello everyone, It seems that I have lost the count of how many days that have passed since the last time I wrote. And I am surprised that I managed to keep up with three deadlines which I had yesterday. I had to revise my qualitative report for the method course, write a reflection about a guest lecture and a … Läs mer

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Vår i Helsingborg

Vilken fantastiskt helg det har varit här i Helsingborg! Strålande sol och värme kring 15 grader. Jag hade besök hemifrån, Göteborg, i helgen och kunde verkligen visa upp Helsingborg från den bästa sidan! Vi strosade på strandpromenaden och landborgspromenaden, åt lunch på en solig uteservering och spanade in både rådhuset och kärnan. I skolan pratar vi mycket om hur bra … Läs mer

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Att bo i Helsingborg

Godmorgon bloggen! Hoppas att allt är bra med er! Det är helt sjukt vad tiden går. Snart så är det december och jag har bott i Helsingborg 1,5 år.  Från Campus så är det endast 5 minuters promenad till centralen. Därifrån kan jag ta mig till Danmark med färja på bara 20 minuter. 10 minuter till stranden, skogen och världens finaste … Läs mer

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New Perspectives

Hej-hej! What I think is important either in work or studies: it is always be open for new perspectives and see the big picture ;). Healthy critique is good, as you need to be objective, though do not be lost in details too much.   Great ideas often come when you free your mind.   Sometimes you need to change … Läs mer

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Adventurous Helsingborg

Hej-hej! As now sun is out there almost daily 🙂 Helsingborg is preparing for an exciting summer ahead! Would you like to try something new and joyful? Just take a walk along the strand *) Or check:     Mvh, AnaV    

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Sweet Saint Valentine’s Day

Hej-hej, Wish your St.Valentine’s Day be as often as possible ;). Spring is coming & there will be more things to enjoy in the big world around us .). Be open to new impressions! or in other words it is “Tid för kärlek!” Mvh, Anna

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Strong mind & strong body

Hej-hej! I believe week-end work-out is the best  one 🏃🏼‍♀️& great to start the day 🙂 As physical excersices help to keep mind sharp, improve memory & thinking skills ☝️ By the way if you are a member of Stampus:   you can train at Actic just for 249Sek/monthly + one time members fee. At Actic Helsingborg there is a big swimmingpool & gym … Läs mer

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