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Hej allihop! 

This first semester all three specializations of the Master Students in Service Management are again brought together for the Sustainability course. It covers  a lot of diffrent aspects and embeds Sustainable lifestyle, urban development, transport, marketing, consumption, waste management and also Corporate Social Responsibility in terms of Environmental, Social and Economical issues. Lectures are almost everyday and currently we are running Sustainability project work/research in one of the ares mentioned above.


  Project work always sounds interesting, though can be challenging at the same time. As you become real project managers and  can learn a lot from this experience. During the 1st year of studies I had couple of group projects already that gave me an opportunity to work together with many other students from multiple countries, to develop time management and communication skills. Though from the beginning it is very important to be on the same ground with all members and choose the right direction.

Joint discussions are of crucial importnace, as diffrent people can have diffrent perceptions of the given task and topic.  To agree on the base and key issues and to make them clear for everyone is the key to success. Literature review and choice of the theoretical standpoint are the starting points as this will guide you further. Also ask teachers as many questions as possible till you have the clear understanding of the task and requirments.

I always like to start with a brainstorming map and a Master file: just put all the ideas and suggestions, key words on the map and also create one document online for interesting materials,references, links that pop up within your team discussion. Don’t judge your first ideas and topics from the start, later you will be able to decide what is valuable info and what is not. And try to find out the “strength” of your team: who is best at doing what, good listening skills is crucial in this connection.  Sometimes it can seem easier to work with people that you are confident with and communicate most, though I like to exit my comfort zone from time to time and to work with new groups as this enriches my intercultural skills and allows me to look at things from new angles.

 Besides studies I am also a part of the project group that is preparing an event at Campus Helsingborg that will bring together several representatives of the local Business: tourism, logistics, retail and Master Students in Service Management at the beginning of October in order to share  best practices, discuss the current challenges and show how theories work in practice.  University supported us in this initiative and now we are running the preparation willing  to make the event a really interesting one.

Team work makes a dream work as you know:)

Please check your schedule on the portal for updates!

Wish you a fruitful week!  Önskar er en givande vecka!



25 september, 2016

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