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Stress (it)

Lately it´s been all about multitasking, including:

  • Reading new course, which is interesting and information intense
  • Getting ready for examination (!!!)
  • Throwing journal academy
  • Concentrating on wellbeing when the amount of light decreases quickly
  • Trying to fix my Swedish
  • Trying to take care of people around me
  • Trying to take care of dog around me
  • Getting ready to show my skills
  • Kick-starting thesis (information intensity 10/10)
  • Trying to get my head around this stuff that´s happening in this world
  • ….

I have to admit i´ve been feeling stressed out lately and that has resulted some panic (=fast) reading which then results, well, mostly learning nothing.

And then, i opened up my social media and it gave me the answer i needed:


So thanks Simon for reminding me that i don´t learn stuff for the exams, i only learn them since my passion of learning and understanding how the world works.

Now it´s all good again!


18 november, 2015

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