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Snow is here!


Do you like snow? If yes, there is a chance to enjoy a snowy & sunny day both

in Helsingborg & Lund!

Lund University Library
Lund University Library
Nothing can stop you if you are a real cyclist

On the days like this I start thinking of Christmas holidays & multiple outdoor activities as skiing, snowboarding & skating in the great places like Åre.

Though by far I need to focus and get back to studies and  a consultancy report that we are starting to work on within the Value & Innovation in tourism course. Together with this now we have the Journal Academy seminars where we (students) prepare presentations and discuss inoovation, value and networking in tourism both from theoretical & practical perspectives. A lot of interesting facts & ideas come up trhough discussions, as everyone has unique experiences from all over the World.

And by all means soon it is the time to make the final choice for the Master thesis topic… Time flies, but it is still enough and we are good at working under pressure 🙂

p.s. but breaks are needed and it is already a high time to plan for a Winter “escape” 🙂

What places for the Winter vacation would you recomend in Sweden? Any secret ones to share?!  Perhaps the 400 km  adventure trial that is stretching from Abisko to Hemavan: the King’s Trail in Kiruna could be an option?!

Med vänlig hälsning, Anna


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