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Memory boosting food


We all need our brain being in good shape all the year round, right?!  & autumn – winter season can be especially challenging for maintainig study-life balance & energy…

For me the key to succes here is of course : being on the move + paying attention to what I eat!

– Due to this: Dark chocolate goes first. 

– Together with Avocados being my most favourite now. They contain multipel useful vitamins + increase blood flow to the brain. That means more oxygen getting to those parts of brain that help us think & remember details ,)

– Berries goes next, with blueberries best for our brain activity.  As blueberries improve learning, motor skills & vision. 

– & by all means fish: it’s a Classic brain food that is rich in oil & Omega -3s which are essential for our brain power & development.

It’s not the amount of food that matters, though its function & quality .)

Below are some more useful ones!

I suggest eating healthy & power food .)

Mvh, Anna


30 november, 2016

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