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Jag har himlen runt hörnet

I want to give you a picture of how my home hoods here in Helsingborg are, and i cannot come up with better heading than the name of one Swedish song:  Jag har himlen runt hörnet- which means that i have heaven around the corner.

A villa in Ramlösa

Ramlösa is neighborhood about five kilometers from Campus Helsingborg and Helsingborg down town. The distance is perfect in order to enjoy little bicycling every time i´m on my way to the uni or city. This part of the town is match made in heaven for cyclists who look rather relaxing journeys than danger and challenges; it is pretty much flat and there is bike path for pretty much anywhere. All the essentials, i mean gym and grocery, are in few minutes ride from my home.

Park in morning dust

The heart of Ramlösa is called Ramlösa Brunn park, which is a green oasis where some incredibly charming wooden villas tell a story from the past times when the park and its facilities use to serve people for healthcare and wellbeing. The park and it´s tranquility holds a special meaning to me, and  i´m happy to head there every morning with Nuppu, my little pet, whose favorite hobby is to run in the woods and chase innocent squirrels.

Pretty close, about 5 kilometers away from calm & green Ramlösa is another kind of heaven, at least for the ones who can´t get enough of the sea. The place is a tiny fishing village of Råå. Last Autumn when i was wandering the sea front of Råå around sunset, something unexpected but also kind of touching happened.  The streets filled of crowds wearing white bathrobes and slippers, all heading towards the sea. It reminded me one of those scenes from The Moomins tale, where little Hattifatteners are wandering around  trying to reach the horizon! But no, they were the villagers going for a sunset swim in the Baltic Sea dazzling from the last shades of sun. Touching!


If you feel like taking a swim, but prefer to combine a sauna with it, there is a place called Råå Kallbadhus in the village. To me there is no better way to relax after a hard week studying than a sauna with a stunning view to the sea and a dip in a cold water!

One of the top things of living here is my landlady! We found each other from a facebook page called “Student i Helsingborg och letar Lägenhet?”. Ever since i moved in her basement floor in last autumn she has been helping me out in every turn and had really made me feel like home in here! From what i´ve experienced, my advise is that if you ever get a chance to live with Swede just take it; Swedes really own their good reputation by being incredibly kind and beautiful people both inside and out.




23 maj, 2015

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