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It’s Throwback Thursday!

Hi, there!

This is a tiny (I mean really tiny) moment of history… I’m gonna do my first blog post in English!!!

So, another week at uni has come to an end and weekend is around the corner (yeahh!) – “Good times are coming and goods times have passed” The past weekend was one of those times. So, I figured I’d give you a little recap from the past weekend: reunion with my lovely friends Matthias and Lulu! (After all, it is throwback thursday, eh?!)

This is how they look like btw

One of the great things with exchange studies is that you meet awsome people from all around the globe which in the long run, means that you can travel the world and without accomodation expenses – I mean: “OMG, wow!”

If you love skiing like me, I highly recommend that you “team up” with people from the Alps, like I did with Matthias (austrian) and Lulu (suisse).

After being nearly intoxicated from all the watching of the Winter Olympics in February, I texted Matthias:

“Hey man, I NEED  to ski!” He replied: “Mee too! you should come to my place and then we can ski!”

So, I did. And Lulu who lives just a couple of hours drive away joined in the last minute.

Matthias lives in the small village Lingenau which has only 1.500 inhabitants and is situated in the region of Voralberg, on the border to Switzerland. The landscape is what most people would refer to as: “picturesque” with stunning snow covered mountains, brooks of spring water and cozy wooden cottages. I could definetly move there…

When we arrived, we received a very warm welcome by Matthias’ whole family except his big brother. His mom had even cooked a three-course-lunch for us! Soo nice!!!

(God! I should have taken a photo of them!)

It was so nice to see Lulu and Matthias again, it really reminded me of how much I miss spending time  with them on a regular basis.

I could only stay for four days, that went by soo quickly. Still we managed to do a LOT of things:

1. We did cross-country-skiing:


This is how I look when I do cross-country skiing


2. We went to the cinema and watched the movie: Game Night. An american movie but with german voices… No subtitles. It was pretty fun, I understood most of it but still, I mean: WHY?!

3. Of course we did some alpine skiing too. Just an hour away from Matthias’ place is Lech which is one of Europe’s biggest ski systems. Luxury defined!

Here’s a groupie from one of the mountain tops:

Two of us look great on picture, one does not… Guess who


4. We did Go-cart racing. That was so much fun despite the fact that I got my ass kicked by both Lulu and Matthias… AND a group of local teenagers! I guess I’m one of those “Sunday cruisers” (as we say in Sweden, I’m not sure if that’s an english word though…)

5. We tried an escape room, which failed 🙁

We where really close but the bomb exploded before we got out…

Again, NO photos taken – my apologies!

6. We made a visit to the one and only bar in Lingenau: Stubo (I think?) 

We had a couple of local beers and chatted with some of Matthias’ friends. Of Course he knew nearly everyone in the bar!

The local beer “Mohren”


7. And last but not least, we did some more skiing. This time in Mellau-Damüls which is slightly smaller than Lech but it offers really good skiing as well. I hate to admit but the ski slopes in Sweden are not even comparble to the majestic Austrian Alps. I highly recommend you guys to come to Voralberg –  if you are looking for the BEST skiing experience!


Of course we had to do a selfie


So, to sum up I had an awsome stay in Austria. Can’t complain about nothing but the german voices in the cinema haha XD

I’ m gonna miss the guys so much but hopefully we’ll have another reunion in the spring! Otherwise they’ll have to come to Malta this summer – just got confirmed that I’ll be working there for EF Education for a two months-ish! But more about that another time.

Have a nice weekend and,





15 mars, 2018

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