I’m pregnant! With my very first own conference =)

Ok, I am not really pregnant. And it is not just MY conference, but me and my class mates are currently working very hard around the clock to give birth to our baby – the InnoVal Conference

What creates value for passengers at a small airport? How can tour operators make better use of social media and build great relationships with their customers? How can a company involve its customers in innovation and get to know what they really want?

These questions have been in our minds for the last couple of months, while we were working with the projects, that will be presented next week. It was a lot of hard work – blood, sweat and tears, so to say – but it will be worth it!

It was so exciting, and still is, to organize this conference. This is something I would like to work with in the future, and it has been a great learning – everything from finding sponsors, to arranging lunch and rehearsing our presentations. I feel really proud of this conference and I hope that all guests will enjoy it as well.

We also managed to get 2 amazing guest speakers on board. One is our very own Susanna Bill from Lund University, but she used to be the Head of Innovation at Sony Ericsson. The other guest speaker, Peter Kvistgaard, comes from Denmark and we heard that he is super entertaining. He is a consultant in destination development and we are all curious to get some good tips from him for our professional future.
The conference takes place next Wednesday, 16th of January at Campus Helsingborg. Everyone is welcome to join and we hope that it will be an amazing day, full of wise people, sharing knowledge and making interesting new contacts. You can read more about the conference, the programme and even the individual presentations on our website: http://innoval13.weebly.com/

And if YOU are interested in coming don’t hesitate to send us an email and register – you will even get a free lunch. Otherwise everyone is welcome to just stop by, even for individual presentations. And thanks to Zoegas, we will have enough coffee for the whole day 🙂

hd.se: Konferens om turism på gång

See you next week!!


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