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How about doing nothing or anything

Freedom is waking up in the morning and choosing to do nothing or anything.

-The irrational man

I won´t give you a review about Woody Allen´s recent work, but i must tell you the quote (articulated as i remember it, so not exactly right but close enough) from the movie made me wonder about the freedom of student life.

The thing is, i´ve faced some tuff times lately with my oh-so-lovely and slow days. My life in Sweden can be considered somewhat free; as an international student who does not work among the studies, i literally wake up in the morning and can basically choose to do Nothing, Or Anything. To me, personally, it is both luxury and a burden.

Why a burden? Well, you know those days when you wake up and kind of promise yourself to work hard with the school project.. but then there´s blogs, dogs, gym, laundry, cooking and just a bit of chilling.. and when the sun sets (omg it happens early here now) you find yourself right from where you started. That´s not exactly the moment i feel like a total Superwoman.

But then, why a luxury? Because you can do ANYTHING! Isn´t that the most greatest feeling ever? (Yes! YesYesYes!!!) On Friday me and my colleague finalized a project work about the Sharing Economy, a thing i have had huge interest lately. Last year me and my class mates looked in the power of non-verbal communication and later during the Spring i made a brief analysis about if Hipsters could save the world. Today, during yoga practice i found myself playing with a thought that i could investigate about the emotions and experiences elephants give to travelers. What i love about our study projects, is that you can often follow your passions! Sometimes i feel, that the only limit is my imagination. That´s freedom and happiness!

That´s an elephant with her team mate, mahut. Oh and then there´s a tourist- yep that´s me.


Have a happy upcoming week! And remember, whether you choose to do anything or nothing, enjoy it 🙂


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