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Helsingborg is the right place to be!


Helsingborg ice cream view
Vacation time in Helsingborg

Hej, Helsingborgs Students!

Hope you are enjoying the sunny weather as its all about study:life balance and some ice cream! Nowadays I am a second year Master Student in Service Managmenet: Tourism, but a year ago I found myself as a new comer to the Campus & Helsingborg city.  Though it seems like just 1 year has passed a lot has happened: a year can be too long or too short, it depends totally on you and a year from now you can see that you certainly can do much more than you expect. Studying together with Logistics and Retail specialisation allowed me to see the big picture and gave the understanding of the close relationship between these fields. Theories go first, in all sences:), but Studies are also about exploring posibilities around. And a lot is going to happen to the city we are now in also. By the way how well do you know Helsingborg and the area around Campus by far? Since the weather is great, as was the whole summer: it’s better to grab the opportunity and make a sightseeing. Let me start from the actul place then: So, you’ ve already been to Campus and now you can also go a bit further:

MindPark & THINK Open Space:

If you go into the Campus inner yard a bit straignt and then turn right: you can call on the MindPark: “The Exotic co-working and event space”, as it is named. There are “Likemind” breakfasts and lunch presentations: you can check their calendar and come by for inspiration:

Mind Park
Why not?

Plus on the 20Sep, next week there will be a THINK Open space opening event: just check it in facebook & that is how it sounds: “On the 20th of Septmeber 2016 we will open up the doors to Helsingborgs new cultural meeting spot for entreprenurship, culture, art and tech. Welcome to the amazing place, THINK Open Space”.“THINK Open Space is about being brave, creative and to have drive and ambition. It’s a place where you can try, get knowledge and experience. Our goal is to make Helsingborg more fun, sparkling and succesful with entreprenurship and creativity as our tools.” Just “Don’t forget to register at 

It’s a great opportunity to meet new people, share ideas and found out what’s going on…

Next time will go the opposite direction: from the Campus main entrance & to the left.

To be continued…

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