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A German living and studying in Helsingborg, passionate about planning events and cultural diversity. Are you curious of learning about student life in Helsingborg as well as Swedish culture from a foreigner's perspective? Then follow my blog entries!

This is the beginning of the end! Or?

No, no, I am not going to kill myself or am deadly ill. I am just going to write a Master thesis in the upcoming months. Which means that now starts the beginning of the end, the end of my life as a student. Before I will be locked up in my room for the next months to work super-duper … Läs mer

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I’m pregnant! With my very first own conference =)

Ok, I am not really pregnant. And it is not just MY conference, but me and my class mates are currently working very hard around the clock to give birth to our baby – the InnoVal Conference.  What creates value for passengers at a small airport? How can tour operators make better use of social media and build great relationships … Läs mer

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Donald Duck and shopping on Christmas Day? – A totally normal Christmas in Sweden!

Happy new year everyone! I hope you had a fabulous start into 2013 and made some exciting plans for the year! For me those will be to write a smashing master thesis and to hopefully find a great job in summer. I had decided to spend Christmas 2012 here in Sweden, together with my boyfriend and his family, because I … Läs mer

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“Oh my god! Her hair is on fire!”

This could be anyone’s reaction on the 13th of December in Sweden. You wonder why? On that day it is Saint Lucia’s day in Sweden, a saint who is said to come from Sicily bringing the light into the darkness in Sweden. In Sweden then, many cities, schools and universities have Lucia parades, where there is one girl with candles … Läs mer

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The early bird catches the worm!

Hi everyone! Although it is not morning anymore, and although I did not catch anything good, I thought that this entry’s title might be relatable for many of you (and especially my class mates at the moment ;)). We are currently working on writing up the research from our consultancy projects, because tonight, by midnight, we have to send it … Läs mer

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Money, money, money =)

Hi everyone! I already meant to post this a week ago, but I was waiting for a photo proof, which I still did not get, but I promise to upload it as soon as I get it! [Update: I got it now, it’s further down] As a part of my current course I am, together with my class mates, organizing … Läs mer

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The mysteries of the Swedish language

by Claudia   Hey everybody – or – hej allihoppa =) Another week has passed and we are soon deep in the November month, which is my least favourite month ever! Last weekend I have been visiting my boyfriend’s family, because it has been fathers’ day in Sweden. I have been studying Swedish for several years now and I must say I am … Läs mer

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A New Life in Sweden =)

by Claudia   On this cozy Sunday evening, I am getting sentimental and feel it’s time to look back a little bit to the 14 months I have already spent here in Helsingborg. Many of you might know what it feels like, coming to a new country, not knowing anyone, not understanding the language and maybe even starting a completely … Läs mer

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We take play very seriously, indeed.

by Claudia   Good morning everyone, on this chilly Friday morning in the end of October (it’s 6.20am and 4°C)! I am up early. It does not happen too often during the student life here, but it happens. There is a special reason today, or well two actually. One of them is that I am going home to Germany today … Läs mer

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The best thing about studying tourism? Travelling!

by Claudia   Clearly, best about studying tourism is going on trips, especially if they are paid by the university. Our second excursion within our course is coming up in a couple of days so I thought it’s about time to share some impressions from the first with you. A few weeks ago, me, my class mates and two of … Läs mer

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