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A German living and studying in Helsingborg, passionate about planning events and cultural diversity. Are you curious of learning about student life in Helsingborg as well as Swedish culture from a foreigner's perspective? Then follow my blog entries!

Spring is here! And even in Sweden we go to the beach =)

Wow, what a weekend! Although today was unfortunately a lazy, rainy sunday, yesterday had a lot to offer. Not only was it the finals of the Eurovision competition in Malmö, which probably many of you watched, but also student life had some fun things to offer! Luckily, yesterday was super sunny and warm – hopefully a preview of what the … Läs mer

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Valborg! Getting up at 5.30 to celebrate spring =)

Tuesday morning. 5.30 am – my alarm is ringing. Not for an exam or job interview or similar. No! So is the alarm of circa 27.000 other students. Where other people go to bed after having gone out at night, we all got up to party and celebrate Valborg. Traditionally, the 30th of April – Walpurgis Eve, is celebrated as the end … Läs mer

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Make the best out of your studies!

Hey everyone! This week I am especially happy. Although there were quite a few things on my to-do-list, I am super satisfied with the outcome. Wednesday was finally the day when it should be decided whether I get the job as event coordinator for the Social Science Union. Aaaaand… I got it 🙂 I am really looking forward to this … Läs mer

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The art of asking the right questions – or – Doing research part 1

No matter whether you are a bachelor, master or no student at all – we always have to ask questions. To teachers, fellow students, and well sometimes even to random strangers who have some knowledge about a subject that we are interested in. I have been doing this recently, and will do so throughout the following months, in order to … Läs mer

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Bunnies, Eggs and Witches – On Easter in Germany and Sweden

Hi everyone and happy Easter! After having spent last year’s Easter in Sweden with my boyfriend’s family, I decided to return home to celebrate this year’s Easter in Germany. And of course, this allows for some fun comparison of the different traditions. Now, with my cultural glasses on, totally absorbed by German culture, Swedish Easter traditions seem a bit funny. … Läs mer

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We want you! Come study with us!

Sweden, 15h of March 2013 – the application period for bachelor programmes starts NOW. Yesterday was open house at Campus and hopefully you have been there to learn more about Service Management?! Sometimes, I must say, I am a little bit jealous of what the bachelors study here at the department of Service Management. Even though courses like “Redovisning och … Läs mer

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The attractiveness of uniqueness

Hello everyone and all the best from beautiful Stockholm! I am so lucky to have a few days “off” from school and all the thesis worries. Last Thursday I went to Copenhagen together with a German friend who lives in Stockholm, before moving on to Malmö for a day and now finally having arrived in Sweden’s wonderful capital. While being … Läs mer

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Good to have in every student’s CV: extracurricular activities!

Vote for me to be a FUM!   Being a student is of course not just all about reading books, taking exams or group works. One of the best things about studying is the great amount of extracurricular activities that one can engage in. In Helsingborg, there are quite a few things you could do: sing in the choir (Stämpus), … Läs mer

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Aren’t we all ‘compost-modernists’? – Combining environmental concerns with intense travel

Acknowledgedly, many of us today share some sort of “green values” and a concern for our environment. We bike to school or work, recycle our waste and maybe even have a small compost in our gardens. But many of us also love to travel, which clearly has been promoted even more through low-cost airlines and flights that cost us 0,01€ … Läs mer

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Being your own boss – or – the challenge of finding motivation

Hi everyone! The last few weeks in my student life have been rather monotonous – I was reading a lot (though less than planned) of articles for my master thesis, which is my big project at the moment. And even though we are having some sort of schedule for this semester, it means that we are rather our own bosses. … Läs mer

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