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Ängelholm: 500 years History & the Headquater for the one of the most perfect sports cars!



Skåne region has so many interesting places to show & stories to tell. You can expereince history & traditions, with high level innovations awaiting you just round the corner. Would you expect that and are you curious enough to explore beyond?! 


You do not always know what awaits you .). And that is exactly the Case of Ängelholm! Have you ever been there? Just 30 minutes from Helsingborg… Why should you?

To start with it is a cosy small town that has just celebrated it’s 500th Anniversary with a concert, beautiful fireworks and champagne on the New Years night:                       

I was lucky to witness this quiet accidently as the trip was planned in a very short period of time.  But I definitly plan to return quiet soon: as Ängelholm’s long white sand beaches will be more and more attractive with the coming spring & summer, they are wide and spacious and you can have horizon all to yourself…

Though by all means it will also be due to Koenigsegg, as I so much want to visit the headquater of the most high-performance and beautiful cars in history and take its factory tour that starts in March.

Christian von Koenigsegg fascinated by machinery as a boy turned his dream into reality being just 22 years of age. “With extraordinary determination and vision, Christian explored the limits of both technology and innovation to create the Supercar of his dreams – the Koenigsegg CC”. Sounds fascinating, if yes read more about his company’s story & get inspired:

And the Koenigsegg factory tour can be booked online and its aprx. 250SEK/person with the length of 90minutes. It should definitly be worth it:


See you in Ängelholm!

Mvh, Anna


23 januari, 2017

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