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Hej allihop!  This first semester all three specializations of the Master Students in Service Management are again brought together for the Sustainability course. It covers  a lot of diffrent aspects and embeds Sustainable lifestyle, urban development, transport, marketing, consumption, waste management and also Corporate Social Responsibility in terms of Environmental, Social and Economical issues. Lectures are almost everyday and currently … Läs mer

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Aren’t we all ‘compost-modernists’? – Combining environmental concerns with intense travel

Acknowledgedly, many of us today share some sort of “green values” and a concern for our environment. We bike to school or work, recycle our waste and maybe even have a small compost in our gardens. But many of us also love to travel, which clearly has been promoted even more through low-cost airlines and flights that cost us 0,01€ … Läs mer

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