Let’s call it a night!

by Claudia

Hi everyone!

My name is Claudia, 25 years old, born and raised in Germany, but now after some detours finally back in my beloved Sweden (you will hear more about that soon, I am sure). I am currently already in my second year of the Master in Service Management – Tourism and Hospitality (oh yes, soon it’s getting serious!).

Today’s blog entry could have had several titles, including “Group Work 2.0” or “Master Studies – Challenge Accepted”, but since it got rather late after this busy day, I will try to keep it short and just give you some first insight into my life here.

Today happened unexpectedly much. Usually we don’t sit in class as much as the Bachelor students, but we do have more stuff to do at home. But today, I have actually been in school from noon to 5pm, which is quite a lot on a Friday. My day started off with some smaller group assignment, followed by an information session on the upcoming Master thesis (oh my god, is it really happening??) and our second PBL session.

Now PBL – what is that? Some of you might have heard of it already. It stands for “Problem Based Learning” and basically it follows the motto “teachers, leave them kids alone”. Based on a fictive example (which you see below), we had to identify phenomena, interesting concepts as well as connections between different issues involved in this case.

Now here’s what this case looks like and what we made out of it:

At the end, we had to come up with a question which will be the basis for the reflection paper, that all of us will write individually. It reminds a bit of “Jeopardy” because it seems like you build the question by talking about the answer first, but anyways here is what we came up with: “How are sustainability and innovation related in tourism development?” You think it sounds fun? I bet it will be 😉 At least we have 2 weeks for that now, so ‘det är lugnt’ (that’s Swedish and means kind of that there is no need to stress). I will keep you updated on how it’s going, so no worries 😉

But now, something more pleasant that was scheduled for today. As a part of the course I am taking right now (it’s called “Value Creating Processes in Tourism and Hospitality”), we have to take on our own consultancy project in teams of 3 and I had my 2 group mates over for dinner tonight. Now this I call “group work 2.0” – why meet at Campus if you can also meet at home with a bottle of wine and some good food?

Now besides talking about our interests, aim and roles within this project, we for sure enjoyed ourselves, and, just between us, some wine definitely keeps the creative ideas coming 🙂

But now, it’s getting late. And it’s debatable whether staying in on a Friday night is a sign of the sophisticated life of a Master student, or if it simply means that I am boring and old 😉 However, I decide to engage in some extensive ‘fredagsmys’ with what’s left of it (fredagsmys basically means “friday cosiness” and is another of those inventions by some commercial actors in order to make some profit, but which became an important part of Swedish culture).

So, let’s call it a night! 🙂


Om Claudia

A German living and studying in Helsingborg, passionate about planning events and cultural diversity. Are you curious of learning about student life in Helsingborg as well as Swedish culture from a foreigner's perspective? Then follow my blog entries!
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  1. Hejsan Claudi!

    Låter intressant det där. Är inget fan av PBL dock..Så turism är något för dig förstår jag!


  2. Interesting written!Bravo Claudi!

  3. Thank you Martyna and Per! 🙂 and yes tourism indeed is something for me 🙂

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