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Christmas market at Fredriksdal 🎄

Hej from a Jul market at Fredriksdal! Fredriksdal is a great place to feel Christmas spirit, ran into people you know and buy hand made Swedish style presents for the whole family!  It’s 5-6Dec from 11:00 to 18:00. Less people before 15:00 & more fun after 🙂 Plus so many tasty things to try: kakor & bullar are waiting 🙂 https://fredriksdal.se  Today I … Läs mer

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Memory boosting food

Hej, We all need our brain being in good shape all the year round, right?!  & autumn – winter season can be especially challenging for maintainig study-life balance & energy… For me the key to succes here is of course : being on the move + paying attention to what I eat! – Due to this: Dark chocolate goes first.  – Together … Läs mer

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Helsingborg Greeters

Hej, Would you like to be the Helsingborg “Ambassadors”?! Then “Global Greeter Network” is waiting for you 😉 First of all: What is “Global Greeter Network” and who does it consist of?     As follows from their website: “Greeters are volunteers that love their city so much that they want to show their place TO YOU; for free! Not … Läs mer

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Första kursen avklarad!

Jajamen som titel lyder, första kursen är avslutad och de första högskolepoängen är tjänade! Grattis till alla som även precis avslutat en kurs! Efter helger av tentapluggande har denna helg istället varit ett långt välförtjänt firande. Vår sista del på introduktionskursen i service management var ett praktikfall som gjordes i grupp, när det var klar och inskickad gick vi till Stampus torsdagsresturang … Läs mer

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Trip to Kåseberga:

Hej, Well-deserved pause, finally 🙂 Travelling & seeing new places is the best way to relax, at least for me. And it can also be both a treat and a reward.  It has been a lot of  studying on “Sustainability in Service Organisations” course lately plus seminar, project work (on CSR&Sustainability) and written exam (3-5h) that was submitted yeasterday, I … Läs mer

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Igår hade Stampus kickoff för alla som är delaktiga och engagerade i kåren. Det var 5-kamp på schemat mellan de olika bar- och matlagen, riktigt roligt påfynd! Alla högskolestudenter blev som små barn på nytt, vårt barnasinne är än kvar! Vi fick leka pang pang med Laserdome (jisses så man lever sig in i rollen, kryper och ålar sig fram för att … Läs mer

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Fika time!

Hej! Fika “season” has come 🙂 Even though the light days are getting shorter: Be stong, Stay awake & Energised! If you happen to be in Lund & will need a shelter on a chilly day: I highly recomend cafe “Inkognito”, Lilla Fiskaregatan 23, with plenty of tasty things and sandwiches & by all means Coffee! The place seems a … Läs mer

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Do you have creative ideas? Try #Pixlapiren!

Hej! What is #Pixlapiren you wonder first of all?!  It’s a part of the H+ project: “The largest urban renewal project in Helsingborg in modern times” as stated by Businesshelsingborg.com.     #PixlaPiren: An old port piren that is being transformed into a new cool place. The old harbor was divided into “squares” and now these “areas” are offered to everyone interested to “rent” … Läs mer

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Så mycket att göra på Campus Helsingborg och så lite tid…!

Som titeln säger: Det finns så mycket kul att engagera sig i på Campus Helsingborg så att dygnet behöver fler timmar! Cirka en månad har redan gått sedan skolstart och hösten har nu kommit till Helsinborg, trots det är det fantastiskt hur fint väder södra Sverige bjuder på.! 🙂 Nu har universitetets kår Stampus samt sektionen Agora båda haft sina … Läs mer

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Lund University Scholarship Ceremony!

Time Flies! Yesterday was the day of the Lund University Scholarship ceremony. Looking back at our photo from the ceremony a year ago I have so many memories passing by, it is great to see how much have been accomplished and how fulfilling a one year can be when you study in a multicultural and innovative environment.       … Läs mer

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